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Our Investment Philosophy

We use a conservative style of portfolio management, believing that it is better to strive for steady, consistent, above average returns rather than expose the portfolio to high risk. Among the investment objectives we seek for clients are:

  • Preservation of Capital. It is essential that the principal remain intact if the long term investment objectives are to be achieved. Our primary focus is on investments that carry little, if any, market risk.
  • Growth of Capital. Slow steady growth of capital leads to the accumulation of wealth and the achievement of long-term investment objectives
  • Current Income. It is important for an investment portfolio to generate current income, even if that income is reinvested in order to compound.
  • Growth in Income. Income growth preserves purchasing power through the years. Special techniques such as systematic withdrawal programs enable my clients to enjoy rising income from their portfolios.
  • Reduction in Taxes. Individuals in high tax brackets need to be concerned about their after-tax returns. Investments providing tax-free or tax deferred income are suitable for high income investors.
Investment Selection Criteria

We emphasize the following investments when designing client portfolios:

  • Fixed Income Investments. These include various Guaranteed accounts providing a fixed yearly return for a specific period of time. I reduce risk by staggering the maturities and selecting the best combination of quality and yield.
  • Mutual Funds. I have access to detailed information on more than 4,000 mutual funds. When choosing a fund, I look for an experienced portfolio manager, an established track record, stable management and low management fees.

Investment Analysis

  • As a free service, we conduct a computerized analysis customized for each client.
  • As a result, an all encompassing financial survey and plan are implemented by me personally.

Do you need a Financial Planner?

  • A need for advice and council. Anyone who is confused by the wide array of investment choices and who is not sure they are doing the right things with their dollars need an experienced, knowledgeable Financial Planner to provide education, assistance, and guidance.

  • A desire for personalized service and extensive resources. Some of our clients come to us because their Financial Planner is not performing up to their expectations. When they select David Hinds Financial as their Financial Planner, they are assured of receiving personal attention, qualified advice, and access to the research and vast resources of the Financial Planning Industry.

  • The need to plan. Young parents who want to plan their children's education, anyone who needs to plan for retirement, retired individuals who want to make their savings last through their lifetimes, all need a Financial Planner who can guide them in planning for the future.

  • A significant event. Death, divorce, inheritance, retirement, sales of business, or other events that will result in a change in one's assets, automatically triggers the need for professional advice.