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Why Preplan?

For many families, it is wise to prearrange and prefund a funeral.

By completing arrangements before needed, the time for grief is freed from difficult decisions, both emotional and financial.

When you plan and arrange your own funeral, you make the gift of love to your family. You relieve them of difficult decisions.

What are the Benefits?

By owning a Preneeds policy, you can have the peace of mind that the benefits of your policy will be dedicated to pay for your funeral expenses.

The growth on the policy is guaranteed to be a minimum of 4% of the coverage amount each year.


Benefits continued..

By making a simple call, you can receive a statement detailing your death benefit amount as of the end of the last policy year.

Even better, the growth on the policy does not count as taxable income to you during your lifetime if your policy is assigned to a funeral home to pay for your funeral expenses.

The claim process is easy, and payments are made within the province of Ontario.

Once the claim is filed with the insurance company, a cheque can be made directly to the funeral home for the amount of the funeral bill.

Any additional dollars of benefit will be paid to whomever you indicate as your beneficiary.